Use seamless-immutable with redux-persist v5


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This package lets you use seamless-immutable on a per-reducer basis along with redux-persist v5.

Lots of people seem to have trouble with this, so I decided to cobble together a quick fix.


Why is this package for me?

You love using seamless-immutable with redux and redux-persist and found yourself enthusiastically upgrading to redux-persist v5.

Having read the redux-persist docs for v5 you already know that it no longer supports top-level immutable state. But you don't use immutable at that level -- you use it on a per-reducer basis, with top-level state still being a POJO.

You trod on. But, even after using a custom transformer, you then find v5 is consistently throwing you state.merge is not a function as soon as any immutable reducer changes state.


npm i redux-persist-seamless-immutable or yarn add redux-persist-seamless-immutable.


import { seamlessImmutableReconciler, seamlessImmutableTransformer } from 'redux-persist-seamless-immutable'

const fooConfig = {
  key: 'foo',
  storage: LocalStorage,
  stateReconciler: seamlessImmutableReconciler,
  transforms: [seamlessImmutableTransformer]


The transformation is based on comments over at https://github.com/rt2zz/redux-persist/issues/133. Thanks to @josev55 and @robclouth.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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