A package containing all the JSON Schema definitions for OpenPoll


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OpenPoll Schemas

This is a repo containing all the JSON Schema definitions for OpenPoll.


@openpoll/schemas exports several helpers to access and validate data against their schemas.

  • schemas contains a structured (nested) object with schema definitions. A schema with "$id": "https://schemas.openpoll.io/0.1/poll/response.json" is accessible through schemas["0.1"].poll.response
  • schemasFlat contains an object where the IDs of the schemas are the key, and the schema is the value (e.g. schemasFlat["https://schemas.openpoll.io/0.1/poll/response.json"] returns the schema)
  • validator is an instance of ajv, loaded with all the schemas in this package, plus the drafts that these schemas follow
  • validate a quick wrapper that wraps the validator.validate method. It returns true or false depending on the validity of the data. validate expects a schema or the $id of a schema as the first parameter, and the data as 2nd
const { schemas, validate, validator } = require("@openpoll/schemas");

let data = {
    some: "data",
    is: false

console.log(validate(schemas["0.1"].mainchain.block, data)); // returns false

// To check the errors that occur, you have to use the ajv validator
// validator.errors always stores the latest result, so if you want to use the errors somewhere else,
// you'll have to copy the data into another variable
console.error("Errors", validator.errors);

Additional information

All schemas in this package can also be found on https://schemas.openpoll.io. The ID of a schema should resolve to a valid URL.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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