Simple library for dealing with URA subzones


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URA Subzones

Simple library for dealing with URA subzones

Example use

$ npm install ura-subzones # (not available yet)
$ npm install git+ssh://git@github.com/datagovsg/ura-subzones.git
const subzones = require('ura-subzones')
subzones.getSubzones() // Returns GeoJSON FeatureCollection of all subzones
subzones.getSubzoneAtPoint([103.673784, 1.256942]).properties.niceName // "Jurong Island And Bukom"

Data Source

Data is sourced from the 2014 Master Plan Subzone Boundaries. The data has been converted from KML and saved in data/subzones.js as GeoJSON.

The subzone names in the original dataset contained contractions and were in UPPERCASE. We have converted the names to Title Case and saved the conversion as the niceName property.

subzones.getSubzoneAtPoint([103.777475, 1.295793]).properties.niceName // "National University Of Singapore
subzones.getSubzoneAtPoint([103.777475, 1.295793]).properties.name // "NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF S'PORE

List of conversions can be found at scripts/convertToGeojson.js

The original dataset is licenced under the Singapore Open Data Licence.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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