Responsive read-only table <-> expandable list for material-ui 1.0-beta.


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This project provides read-only responsive table for Material-UI.

Table is shown for desktop screen, list of expandable items - for tablet and mobile.



npm i --save material-ui-next-responsive-table


import ResponsiveTable from 'material-ui-next-responsive-table'

const columns = [
    key: 'id',
    label: 'ID',
    primary: true,
    key: 'name',
    label: 'Name',
    key: 'authors',
    label: 'Author(s)',
    render: (value) => value.join(', ')

const data = [
    id: '1234',
    name: 'Foo',
    authors: ['Andy'],
    id: '4567',
    name: 'Bar',
    authors: ['Joe', 'Mike'],


ResponsiveTable Properties

Name Type Default Description
columns array Array of objects with
* Required column id (key) - used for detecting value for body cells
* Required column name (name) - shown in table header
* Optional render function (render: (value, column, row, data)) - allows to customize cell value for all cells in specific column
* Optional primary boolean (primary) - detects the column, which value has to be shown in the expandable list item summary (can be marked for 2 or more columns - in summary they are divided by .
data array Array of objects with keys that corresponds column id and value that should be shown in cell.
noContentText string 'No Content' Override the default text if no columns/rows presented.


The files included in this repository are licensed under the MIT license.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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