Accelerate your Tachyons websites! Read HTML files, extract a list of CSS classes, and create a custom distribution of Tachyons with only the classes you are actually using.


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Extract Tachyons

Build the custom Tachyons that your project needs!

Tachyons is an amazing system of functional CSS classes, and even though it's extremely focused, the whole package still adds ~14KB of gzipped CSS to a project. Wouldn't it be nice to have a custom Tachyons bundle that only uses the classes your project is actually using?

Enter Extract Tachyons.

Extract Tachyons is a command line tool that reads HTML files, extracts the CSS classes in them, and builds a custom Tachyons file that only contains the classes you are actually using. Processing your files this way will dramatically reduce file sizes in projects that use Tachyons!


To install, run yarn add -D @oncomouse/extract-tachyons or npm install -D @oncomouse/extract-tachyons in a Node.js project.


From the command line: npx extract-tachyons [--compress] [--output <file>] build/**/*.html

  • --compress will shrink the output with CSSNano.
  • --output <file> will write the output to <file> (default is to print to STDOUT)
  • --always <list> will always include the classes in <list>
    • <list> is comma separated: black,hover-black or orange, ms-3
  • --never <list> will never include the classes in <list>
    • <list> is comma separated: black,hover-black or orange, ms-3


It's probably a good idea to only use the output of Extract Tachyons in production. You never know when you will need to add new classes to your project!

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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