A simple tool for looking up city names based on zipcode inputs.


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SAM zip-city

This library aims to do city lookups in a fast (client-side), generic way.

The script will dynamically load the appropriate file with zipcodes and city names for a given country.

This allows for smaller bundle size and means that the file(s) are only downloaded when needed.

But all the zipcode files are inside the repo?

Yes, but they are in .npmignore and are fetched with jsdelivr.com directly from Github.

How to install

npm install @omnicar/sam-zip-city or yarn add @omnicar/sam-zip-city

How to use

import { getCityFromZip } from '@omnicar/sam-zip-city'

const myFunc = async () => {
  const city = await getCityFromZip({
    zipcode: 2300,
    country: 'DK' 

Or to initialise a country before requesting a city:

import { initZipCityCountry } from '@omnicar/sam-zip-city'

const myOtherFunc = async () => {
  await initZipCityCountry({ country: 'DK' })
  console.log('Danish zipcodes and cities should be ready!')

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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