Handles fetching translations, looking up individual translations, and error reporting of missing translations


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Client js library for fetching translations in a given format (see ILocaleTranslation), translating strings, and reporting issues when found.

Installation (for development)

yarn or npm i (examples below are using yarn)

Installation on clients

yarn add OmniCar/sam-translate#0.0.1

Where #0.0.1 indicates the Github release tag.


First call the init function with the parameters that match your environment (dev/staging/prod etc.) or current needs.

These parameters are available:

  • translationFileUrl - endpoint from where to fetch the translations
  • errorCallback - function used for reporting errors. Defaults to window.alert
  • notify - whether the library should report errors to an endpoint (see below)
  • notificationEndpoint - endpoint for POSTing errors
  • cache - whether the library should use cache expiration (see below)
  • cacheExpirationTime - cache expiration time for local storage
  • useLocalStorage - whether the library should save translations to localStorage
  • locale - the locale to use. Defaults to the first one from the received translations


To run jest tests either run:

yarn test

or to run tests in watch mode run:

yarn test-watch

Compile application (tsc):

yarn tsc

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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