Handles logging to console and to stackdriver


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The default settings should make sure that no initialisation of the library is needed for Omnicar's applications. The only prerequisite to having the library default to sane environment specific loglevels is having the NODE_ENV environment variable available (set to: production | staging | development | local)

Another option is to have the LOG_LEVEL environment variable available (has to be one of: error | warn | info | verbose | debug | silly) which will set/override the loglevel directly

To use the library, simply import the log function needed. E.g. logError and use it like a regular call to console.error

It's possible to use an optional prefix for all the logging methods. The available logging methods are:

  • logError(message: string | object, info?: ILogInfo)
  • logWarn(message: string | object, info?: ILogInfo)
  • logInfo(message: string | object, info?: ILogInfo)
  • logVerbose(message: string | object, info?: ILogInfo)
  • logDebug(message: string | object, info?: ILogInfo)


Pull the project, run yarn and you should be good

Before you do a git push, please run yarn tsc-once to generate the build folder contents


There are a bunch of jest tests in the index.test.ts file. Run yarn test to run all tests, yarn test-watch to run them in watch-mode, and run yarn test-debug to run them in watch mode with --inspect enabled (allowing you to step debug)


Releasing a new version is done as a Github release.

The Github release will automatically trigger a build in Circle that publishes the new version to npm 👍

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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