OlaSearch is a fully customisable front-end search interface that brings your information collection to life.


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Ola Search Core

Ola Search Core is a fully customisable front-end search interface that brings your information collection to life.

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1. Install olasearch core

npm install @olasearch/core --save

2. Download configurations (If using search engine from Ola Search)

Download the configurations from https://admin.olasearch.com . The configuration files contain settings for the project, filters, snippets, relevancy boosting etc.

  1. Login to https://admin.olasearch.com
  2. Navigate to Project -> Settings
  3. Download the configuration files.
  4. Save the file as olasearch.config.js

3. Download OlaSearch starter kit

git clone https://gitlab.com/olasearch/olasearch-project-starter.git
cd olasearch-project-starter
npm install
cd src
# Copy the config file to `src` directory
npm run start

Navigate to http://localhost:3003 to see a search interface

More documentation - Coming Soon

Collaboration guidelines

Uses Prettier and Prettier standard for code formatting and linting

Naming convention for Props

Reference - https://dlinau.wordpress.com/2016/02/22/how-to-name-props-for-react-components/

1. Array – use plural nouns. e.g. items
2. Number – use prefix num or postfix count, index etc that can imply a number. e.g. numItems, itemCount, itemIndex
3. Bool – use prefix is, can, has
    1. is: for visual/behavior variations. e.g. isVisible, isEnable, isActive
    2. can: fore behavior variations or conditional visual variations. e.g. canToggle, canExpand, canHaveCancelButton
    3. has: for toggling UI elements. e.g. hasCancelButton, hasHeader
4. Object – use noun. e.g. item
5. Node – use prefix node. containerNode
6. Element – use prefix element. hoverElement


Copyright OlaSearch Pte Ltd 2015 - 2018

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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