This module enables you to create Redis namespaces.


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This module enables you to create Redis namespaces.

Example usage:

var redis = require('redis');
var RedisNS = require('redis-ns');

var redisClient = redis.createClient();

var client = new RedisNS('MyNameSpace', redisClient);
var client2 = new RedisNS('MyNameSpace2', redisClient);

client.set('bla', 'yadda1');
client.set('bla1', 'yadda1');

client2.set('bla', 'yadda2');
client2.set('bla2', 'yadda2');

The above will give you the following keys in Redis:


You can leave out the connection paramater, to create a new connection:

var client = new RedisNS('MyNameSpace');

This is an early BETA version

As soon as the module has shown it's worth and stability on a live system, it will be marked as version >= 1.0.0.

Until then: Feel free to play around with it, learn from it.

To install

npm install redis-ns

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