tool for scanning localized properties, to determine if they are complete


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proflock - Property Finder for localized keys

Tool for scanning localized properties, to determine if they are complete, using Node.JS


When it comes in the development process to the point of internationalization, not only do you have to setup new configurations or handle the CMS, you also need to create the existing properties in a different language. But at the same time the project keeps on developing, so you need to be sure, that your existing properties file contains all neccessary keys with language specific values. To get a list for your translator, or just to make sure your project has no missing keys, you can use ###proflock###


The easiest installation is through NPM:

npm i @octagen/proflock

tested with node 5.12


Run the following:

  • * root directory of the project. proflock only scans files in this directory.
  • * if property keys are missing, files containing which keys are missing, will be generated in this directory
  • * Suffix of the files to be scanned, e.g. '.properties'
  • * Suffix of the files to which we will export, e.g. '.csv'
  • * Regular Expression, to specify which files should be searched for, e.g. '_XY.properties'
  • * Regular Expression, to specify which file has all keys. Other file with the same baseName will be compared to this file, to determine which keys are missing
  • * Array of Strings, containing path elements which should not be searched in, e.g. '["/.node_modules/"]'

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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