Exposes objects from NYPL/nypl-core as easy-to-work-with datastructures


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NYPL Core Objects

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The Problem

We have a mapping problem. Here's an example: NYPL and ReCAP have their own set of identifiers for physical locations here at NYPL. Different apps refer to these things by different identifiers but may want to convert or map them to other known identifiers.

Kate & Shawn have done tremendous work in nypl-core to map these identifiers and create json-ld representations.

So What Does This Module Do?

This node module live-loads the json-ld from NYPL/nypl-core in and turns them into very parsable data-structures for use in your app. This doesn't expose all the mappings yet, see the Supported Object Types section.

It Can Also Write Those Mappings To Disk

Some non-JS apps want to use these mappings. By running: npm run build-mappings. The mappings are written to ./output/.

Those files can be pushed to S3 so any application can parse them as simple JSON. This repo may, one day, stop exporting objects and just be a means of generating JSON artifacts for pushing to S3.

Pushing to S3

npm run deploy-[qa|production]

This command is cp, not sync. It uploads any new or updated files, but does not remove deleted files.

To push a pre-release to S3 for testing, set NYPL_CORE_VERSION, e.g.:

NYPL_CORE_VERSION=v1.0.1a npm run deploy-qa


From Github

 "@nypl/nypl-core-objects": "https://github.com/NYPL/nypl-core-objects.git#SOME-TAG-OR-REF"

From NPM

"@nypl/nypl-core-objects": "VERSION"


// create a mapping from Sierra codes to Recap Codes
let bySierraLocation = require('@nypl/nypl-core-objects')('by-sierra-location')

// get its ReCAP code
let code = bySierraLocation['mal']['recapLocation']['code']

// get its ReCAP name
let humanName = bySierraLocation['mal']['recapLocation']['label']

// get its ReCAP eddRequestablity
let EddRequestability = bySierraLocation['mal']['recapLocation']['eddRequestable']

For a comprehensive list of availability see the implementation of factories mentioned nypl-core-objects.js

Supported Object Types

Git Workflow

When you want to release - you should:

  1. run npm version [<newversion> | major | minor | patch | premajor | preminor | prepatch | prerelease]

  2. Push the latest back to master.

  3. Push the tag that npm version created to origin

  4. npm publish

  5. npm run deploy-[qa|production]

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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