Filters for the NX compiler util.


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This repository contains a collection of filters for the compiler utility. It creates an registers the following filters.

  • capitalize: Capitalizes the passed string.
  • lowercase: Transforms the passed string to a lower case format.
  • uppercase: Transforms the passed string to an uppercase format.
  • unit: Has a value and a unit name parameter. Appends the unit name after the value and pluralizes the unit if the value is plural.
  • slice: Has two number parameters. Slices the value from the first to the second parameter.
  • json: Converts the passed value to JSON. The indentation level can be passed as an argument.
  • date: Converts the passed date to a local date string.
  • time: Converts the passed date to a local time string.
  • datetime: Converts the passed date to a local datetime string.

You can learn more about NX filters here.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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