proxy support for nuxt server


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Proxy support for nuxt server

šŸ“– Release Notes


āœ“ Path rewrites

āœ“ Host based router (useful for staging/test)

āœ“ Logs / Proxy Events

āœ“ WebSockets

āœ“ Auth / Cookie

āœ“ ...See http-proxy-middleware docs

āš  Does not work in generated/static mode!


  1. Add @nuxtjs/proxy dependency to your project
yarn add @nuxtjs/proxy # or npm install @nuxtjs/proxy
  1. Add @nuxtjs/proxy to the modules section of nuxt.config.js
  modules: [
    // Simple usage

    // With options
    ['@nuxtjs/proxy', { pathRewrite: { '^/api' : '/api/v1' } }]
  • Define as many as proxy middleware you want in proxy section of nuxt.config.js (See proxy section below)


  • changeOrigin and ws options are enabled by default.

[optional] You can provide default options to all proxy targets by passing options to module options.


You can provide proxy config using either object or array.

Array Config

You can use shorthand syntax to configure proxy:

  proxy: [
    // Proxies /foo to http://example.com/foo

    // Proxies /api/books/*/**.json to http://example.com:8000

    // You can also pass more options
    [ 'http://example.com/foo', { ws: false } ]

Object Config

Keys are context

  proxy: {
    // Simple proxy
    '/api': 'http://example.com',

    // With options
    '/api2': { target: 'http://example.com', ws: false },

    // Proxy to backend unix socket
    '/api3': {
      changeOrigin: false,
      target: { socketPath: '/var/run/http-sockets/backend.sock' }


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Install dependencies using yarn install or npm install
  3. Start development server using npm run dev


MIT License

Copyright (c) Nuxt Community

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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