ngrok exposes your localhost to the world for easy testing and sharing! No need to mess with DNS or deploy just to have others test out your changes


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ngrok integration for NuxtJS


  • Secure https for all tunnels
  • Show your work to anyone
  • Use the API to test web hooks
  • Test your UI in cloud browsers

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Quick Setup

  1. Add @nuxtjs/ngrok dependency to your project
yarn add @nuxtjs/ngrok # or npm install @nuxtjs/ngrok
  1. Add @nuxtjs/ngrok to the buildModules section of nuxt.config.js (or modules if on Nuxt < 2.9>)
  buildModules: [

Add Options

Add authorization and more using the module options.

ngrok: {
    // module options
    authtoken: 'my-ngrok-authtoken'
    auth: 'my-user:my-pwd',
    region: 'eu',
    addr: 8080,
    proto: 'http',
    subdomain: 'my-subdomain'

See module options.


Run the devcommand and you will see your public URL in the Nuxt CLI which you can then share with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Simple use example:

yarn dev
npm run dev

See Usage.


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Install dependencies using yarn add or npm install
  3. Start development server using yarn dev or npm run dev


MIT License

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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