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latest release


Contains shared JS services for accounts.


Usng npm:

npm add @nuskin/ns-account

Usng yarn:

yarn add @nuskin/ns-account


  • Changelog could go here


Currently, test coverage is quite low - there are comprehensive tests for a single function in authenticationService. This served to test that we've got the basic infrastructure to get tests written, though they'll be a little messy until we have a chance to do some refactoring (like, for example, reducing our dependence on jQuery).

Test Mocks

Currently, there are partial mocks implemented for:

  • ns-util

    • configurationService
      • getMarketConfig
    • storage
      • default function
      • removeItem
  • jquery

    • $.ajax - mocked by importing 'mock-jquery-ajax.js' and calling the default:

      import mockAjax from './mock-jquery-ajax.js';
      mockAjax($); // pass in the global jquery instance
      // in a test
      $.ajax.mockSuccess({'success': 'response'});
      $.ajax.mockFailure({'failure': 'response'});
      $.ajax.mockResult((successCallback) => {/* simulate success */ }, (failCallback) => {/* simulate failure */});



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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