Scout's base prettier configuration


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Scout's official prettier configuration.

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To use, simply install the package from npm using npm or yarn:

npm install -D @nuscout/prettier-config


To set up this config, simply create a prettier.config.js file in your project's root that re-exports the module:

module.exports = require('@nuscout/prettier-config');


Adam Markon

Email: amarkon895@gmail.com Twitter: @amarkon88

Code of Conduct

Scout strives to provide a welcoming, inclusive environment for all users, period. To hold ourselves accountable to that mission, Scout has a strictly-enforced code of conduct. Violating those rules will result in removal from the Scout organization, and potentially being banned from contributing to our projects.


We welcome all contributions to our projects! Filing bugs, feature requests, code changes, docs changes, or anything else you'd like to contribute are all more than welcome! More information about contributing to Scout projects can be found in our contributors' guide!


All Scout libraries are ISC-licensed. tl;dr: you can use this code however you'd like, just please attribute us appropriately!

About Scout

Scout Logo

Scout is Northeastern University's student-led design studio. The Studio has about 45 members selected via interview and application processes to select the university's best talent. Each semester the studio produces design and development assets for four ventures. Check out our portfolio for some past projects!

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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