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Vue CLI plugin for Chameleon bundles


This is a project template created from vue-cli 3.0. We strongly recommend to use it with Vue CLI stable version, i.e. 3.0.0 and above, due to build inconsistencies in lower versions.

$ npm install -g @vue/cli                           # Install vue/cli if you haven't already
$ vue create my-project                             # Create a new project
$ cd my-project                                     # Navigate into your new project folder
$ vue add @nsoft/chameleon-bundle ${authToken}      # Add & invoke this plugin to apply bundle template
$ npm run serve                                     # Run app and open it in your browser


  • Project name - name of your repository, written to package.json in name field, defaults to chameleon-bundle
  • Project description - description of your repository, written to package.json in description field, defaults to Chameleon Bundle Project
  • Author - author of your repository, written to package.json in author field, defaults to empty field
  • License - license for your repository, written to package.json in license field, defaults to MIT
  • Bundle Name - name of your bundle, it's used for library global name as __CHAMELEON_${bundleName}__ and in bundle manifest, defaults to sample
  • Bundle Namepace - namespace for your bundle, it's written in bundle manifest.json, defaults to z

Bundle Manifest

Each bundle must have its own manifest.json file which describes it. This file gets bundled together with other bundle files in bundle.zip which is used for new bundle registration and existing bundle update. Bundling process adds each script defined inside manifest scripts, as well as css files defined in manifest styles. Both of these props are optional, but bundle must have at least one of them. If a bundle has some help files, they should be grouped in one directory inside src and that directory will get bundled to bundle.zip. helpPath can also point to some remote URL.

What's Included

  • npm run serve: Serve with hot reload at localhost on available port
  • npm test: Unit tests run in JSDOM with Jest, with support for mocking and ES2015+.
  • npm run build: Production UMD components library build with minification.
  • npm run build-meta: Production UMD meta library build with minification.
  • npm run build-bundle: Production bundle build with minification.
  • npm run zip-build: Zip bundle files defined in manifest.json, ready for deployment
  • npm run deploy-bundle "${authToken}": Deployment of bundle.zip

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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