decorate a function, forwarding properties


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Decorate a function, forwarding properties.

const decorate = require('@npm/decorate')

function myFunction () {
  return 1
myFunction.bloo = 3

const decorated = decorate(myFunction, (...args) => {
  return myFunction(...args) + 1

console.log(decorated.name) // myFunction
console.log(decorated.bloo) // 3
console.log(decorated())    // 2


decorate(inner, wrapper) -> Function

Forward all properties from inner to a merged function that calls wrapper.

decorate.undecorate(Function) -> Function | Null

Return the inner function of a decorated function. or null.

decorate.decorations(Function) -> Iterator<Function>

Return an iterator that yields all decoration wrappers of a given function in order.



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