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This is a toolkit of NowTV React UI components.


npm install @nowtv/nowtv-react-toolkit --save



// ES5
var Toolkit = require('nowtv-react-toolkit');

// ES6
import Toolkit from 'nowtv-react-toolkit';


You will need to require the CSS into your project which can be done in two ways:

Require it into your sass / scss file.

@import '[path-to-node_modules]/nowtv-react-toolkit/dist/toolkit';

Importing Individual ES6 Components Directly

If you're running an ES6 project and wish to only import specific components that you will compile within your project.

  1. Install the project from NPM, this is to avoid .babelrc conflicts when using github installs. You'll need to have access to scoped npm packages for @nowtv.
npm install @nowtv/nowtv-react-toolkit --save
  1. Use the @nowtv/nowtv-styleguide css


<link rel="stylesheet" href="/node_modules/@nowtv/nowtv-styleguide/dist/toolkit.css">
  1. Make sure you're compiling nowtv-react-toolkit that lives in node_modules during your project's build.

Server E.g.

  only: [/nowtv-react-toolkit/, /* YOUR_SOURCE, etc... */]

Note: The above example uses babel/register instead of a .babelrc file, as regex options are advised and easier to debug. This is also babel v5 syntax, babel v6 uses babel-register

Client E.g.

// webpack config
module: {
  loaders: [{
    test: /\.jsx?$/,
    loader: 'babel',
    include: [/nowtv-react-toolkit/, /* YOUR_SOURCE, etc... */],
    // babel version 6 style query
    query: {
      presets: ["react", "stage-1", "es2015"]

Note: You'll need to also support class properties in your compilation due to the components use of static properties.

  1. Import the specific components directly
import Button from '@nowtv/nowtv-react-toolkit/src/components/Button/Button.react';

Note: if the component you wish to use depends on its own sass file, you will need to also compile or ignore sass files in your build.


To see all the avaliable components see the docs which can be found at http://sky-uk.github.io/nowtv-react-toolkit


It's recommended to use the NOW TV CDN version of react.

The convention for libraries /libs/<library-name>/<version>

Currently only React 0.14.6 is avaliable via the links below


When using webpack you can tell it to use the external React by adding the following to your config

externals: {
  "react": "React",
  "react-dom": "ReactDOM"



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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