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This module add eslint config and pre-commit hook based on AirBnB Style Guid with few differences:

"rules": {
    "indent": ["error", 4],
    "strict": [2, "global"],
    "no-console": "error",
    "require-jsdoc": ["error", {
        "require": {
            "FunctionDeclaration": true,
            "MethodDefinition": true,
            "ClassDeclaration": true,
            "ArrowFunctionExpression": true,
            "FunctionExpression": true
    "valid-jsdoc": ["error", {
        "requireReturn": false,
        "preferType": {
            "boolean": "Boolean",
            "number": "Number",
            "object": "Object",
            "string": "String"
    "comma-dangle": ["off", {
        "arrays": "always-multiline",
        "objects": "always-multiline",
        "imports": "always-multiline",
        "exports": "always-multiline",
        "functions": "always-multiline"


npm install @noveo/eslint-config-codestyle --save-dev

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