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NoInfoPath Kendo UI (noinfopath-kendo-ui) @version 2.0.16

Copyright (c) 2017 The NoInfoPath Group, LLC.

Licensed under the MIT License. (MIT)


NoInfoPath Kendo UI is a wrapper around Kendo UI in order to integrate it with NoInfoPath Data. It is important to note that this module inplements implied interfaces that NoInfoPath defines. For the sake if this discussion we'll use the generic object oriented notation of "IXyz", where "I" stands for interface. This particular module will implement the IQueryParser, and IQueryBuilder interface.


TODO Needs better descriptions

Name Description
noKendoAutoComplete Autocomplete
noKendoCombobox combobox
noKendoDatePicker pick dates
noKendoGrid The infamous Kendo Grid
noKendoListView List view
noKendoLookup A glorified select tag
noKendoMultiSelect A glorified select tag that is actually cool


|kendoQueryParser|Query Parser| |noKendoHelpers|Helpers for Kendo| |noKendoDataSourceFactory|Helps with kendo data source|


  • AngularJS
  • jQuery
  • ngLodash
  • noinfopath
  • noinfopath.data

Development Dependencies

See package.json for exact version requirements.

  • indexedDB.polyfill
  • angular-mocks
  • es5-shim
  • grunt
  • grunt-bumpup
  • grunt-version
  • grunt-contrib-concat
  • grunt-contrib-copy
  • grunt-contrib-watch
  • grunt-karma
  • jasmine-ajax
  • jasmine-core
  • jshint-stylish
  • karma
  • karma-chrome-launcher
  • karma-coverage
  • karma-firefox-launcher
  • karma-html-reporter
  • karma-ie-launcher
  • karma-jasmine
  • karma-phantomjs-launcher
  • karma-safari-launcher
  • karma-verbose-reporter
  • noinfopath-helpers
  • phantomjs

Developers' Remarks

Who When What
Jeff 2015-08-08T16:38:00Z Creating a new NoInfoPath module.
Jeff 2015-09-15T11:10:00Z Implemented noKendoGrid with noKendoDataSource, which integrates with the NoInfoPath Data Providers.

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