Get the status of a file with some features


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Get the status of a file with some features.

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Wrapper around standard method fs.lstat and fs.stat with some features.

  • :beginner: Normally follows symbolic link.
  • :gear: Can safely work with broken symbolic link.


npm install @nodelib/fs.stat


import * as fsStat from '@nodelib/fs.stat';

fsStat.stat('path', (error, stats) => { /* … */ });


.stat(path, [optionsOrSettings], callback)

Returns an instance of fs.Stats class for provided path with standard callback-style.

fsStat.stat('path', (error, stats) => { /* … */ });
fsStat.stat('path', {}, (error, stats) => { /* … */ });
fsStat.stat('path', new fsStat.Settings(), (error, stats) => { /* … */ });

.statSync(path, [optionsOrSettings])

Returns an instance of fs.Stats class for provided path.

const stats = fsStat.stat('path');
const stats = fsStat.stat('path', {});
const stats = fsStat.stat('path', new fsStat.Settings());


  • Required: true
  • Type: string | Buffer | URL

A path to a file. If a URL is provided, it must use the file: protocol.


  • Required: false
  • Type: Options | Settings
  • Default: An instance of Settings class

An Options object or an instance of Settings class.

:book: When you pass a plain object, an instance of the Settings class will be created automatically. If you plan to call the method frequently, use a pre-created instance of the Settings class.


A class of full settings of the package.

const settings = new fsStat.Settings({ followSymbolicLink: false });

const stats = fsStat.stat('path', settings);



  • Type: boolean
  • Default: true

Follow symbolic link or not. Call fs.stat on symbolic link if true.


  • Type: boolean
  • Default: false

Mark symbolic link by setting the return value of isSymbolicLink function to always true (even after fs.stat).

:book: Can be used if you want to know what is hidden behind a symbolic link, but still continue to know that it is a symbolic link.


  • Type: boolean
  • Default: true

Throw an error when symbolic link is broken if true or safely return lstat call if false.


By default, the built-in Node.js module (fs) is used to work with the file system. You can replace any method with your own.

interface FileSystemAdapter {
    lstat?: typeof fs.lstat;
    stat?: typeof fs.stat;
    lstatSync?: typeof fs.lstatSync;
    statSync?: typeof fs.statSync;

const settings = new fsStat.Settings({
    fs: { lstat: fakeLstat }


See the Releases section of our GitHub project for changelog for each release version.


This software is released under the terms of the MIT license.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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