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Lex is a console line execution module. Works out of the box for any React project, taking care of all your development needs. No need to install unit testing, transpilers, compilers, or even development servers. Install Lex globally and let go of all the grunt work, allowing you focus on coding your app.

Lex eliminates this hassle. With the most common enterprise configurations used, developers can simply run and go. Lex uses the following libraries to assist in development.


See Lex documentation site for full details.


Lex is installed globally using npm.

$ npm install -g @nlabs/lex

lex compile -c ./webpack.config.js

Quick Start

// Install a skeleton app with the ArkhamJS framework
$ npm install -g @nlabs/lex
$ lex init myApp -i
$ cd myApp

// Run the dev server
$ lex dev -o

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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