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Wrapper around keyboard inputs
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Project Overview

This library contains a simple wrapper for different input methods. By introducing an 'action' to bind multiple input combos plus their handlers with it a better customisation by the user may be achieved.


  • Better Usability by customizing Keyboard Inputs


  • have a production built that optimises bundle size

    • this is only for testing as the comonents should probably not be loaded statically
    • find out about redundant jquery and lodash imports for keyboard and core-components
    • what to do with the font awesome icon imports and fonts..
      • removing fonts statically might be bad for older browsers
      • loading fonts inline(one big chunk) might also be bad for mobile performance
  • loaders

    • how to define multiple loaders for *.css with separate behaviour
      • like node_modules/.css and src/.css
      • global includes and local includes for shadow dom
    • the current implementation is working but rather less fancy
  • a mapping component that defines mappings from device buttons or events to actions, compare both approaches

  • dropped the icons for now as they don't align well with shadowDom and webpack


Build Status

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