Reads all the files within a directory.


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Reads all the files within a directory. Returns absolute or relative paths, mime types and file contents. Filter your files based on file extensions and recursively (or not) read the whole directory. Like 'fs' but with some extras for sure!


import directory from '@njmyers/directory';

const files = directory('../path/to/folder/or/file', { ...Options })

const Options = {
  /** boolean option to return mime information for all files: default false */
  mime: boolean,
  /** boolean option to return absolute paths for all files default: true */
  absolute: boolean,
  /** boolean option to search the directory recursively default: false */
  recursive: boolean,
  /** boolean option to read the files and return the contents as a string default: false */
  read: boolean,
  /** string or array of file types to filter (include) default: false */
  filter: string | Array<string>,

/** Returns an Array of FileObjects */
const FileObject = {
  /** the path of the file */
  path: string,
  /** whether it was included (will always be true) */
  include: boolean,
  /** the mime information */
  mime: {
    /** the content type ie text/css */
    contentType: string,
    /** the file extension with no leading period */
    extension: string,
  /** the file contents */
  file: string,

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