SystemJS build extension for Angular Starter


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SystemJS build extension for Angular 2 Starter

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Getting started

  1. Make sure you have systemjs.conf.js in the starter root

  2. Install the extension

    npm install @ngstarter/systemjs-extension --save
  3. Open gulp.config.js in the starter and add the following builder config

    var systemJs = {
        builder: {
            normalize: true,
            minify: true,
            mangle: true,
            runtime: false,
            globalDefs: { DEBUG: false, ENV: 'production' }
  4. Go to tasks/build.js in your starter, require the extension

    // Get the starter gulp config
    var config = require('../config')();
    // Load the extension with the config

    and then set the second param to build-systemjs

    gulp.task('build', function (done) {
        runSequence('test', 'build-systemjs', 'build-assets', done);
  5. Done! Try to build it!


Use own systemjs config

// Get gulp config
var config = require('../config')();

// Get SystemJs config path
var systemJsConfig = 'src/systemjs.config.js';

// Load extension with config and SystemJsConfig
require('@ngstarter/systemjs-extension')(config, systemJsConfig);



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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