Angular Universal PWA boilerplate for serverless environment.


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Serverless support for your Angular application Tweet

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This is part of the @ng-toolkit project. Check main page for more tools

Add serverless support (AWS Lambda; Google Cloud Functions & Firebase) to your Angular project. Supports as well client-side-only projects as Angular Universal projects (server side rendering). Check deep overview article on Medium

Live demo

Angular Universal PWA on AWS Lambda + API Gateway


Getting started

Create or navigate into your project:

ng new myApp
cd myApp

AWS Lambda & Google Cloud Functions

ng add @ng-toolkit/serverless --provider aws

Deploy to "maintenance link" (non customized - ie: https://123456.execute-api.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/production)

npm run build:serverless:deploy

Deploy to customized link (example.com):

npm run build:prod:deploy

You can read more about using custom domain in AWS Lambda in this Medium post or in the official AWS documentation.


ng add @ng-toolkit/serverless --provider firebase --firebaseProject [your_project_ID]
npm run build:prod:deploy

Project ID, can be found in project settings: where to find project ID

You can chain this package with:


This schematic supports several options in order to fit your needs.

name type default description
provider string 'aws' Specify serverless provider.
skipInstall boolean false Skip installation of dependencies.
directory string '.' The directory name to create the workspace in.
firebaseProject string Firebase project id.
lambdaTS boolean false Generate lambda files using Typescript instead of Javascript.
offline boolean false Include serverless-offline package for local development.

Looking for something more?

Feel free to create issue with your feature request

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