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Angular Date Picker


Compatible with Angular8 version.


To install this component to an external project, follow the procedure:

  1. npm install nli-datefield --save

  2. Run npm install in project folder (The home folder that package.json exists): npm install This command downloads all dependencies including @next-level-integration/nli-datefield-lib. You can also download just this module with: npm install @next-level-integration/nli-datefield-lib

  3. Import input module to your project. In your main module (or module that you want use this component) that its default name is app.module.ts, import it:

     import { NLIDateFieldModule } from '@next-level-integration/nli-datefield-lib/datefield.module';
       imports: [
  4. Add the following snippet inside your template:

     <nli-datefield [configs]="options"


Value of the options attribute is a type of DateFieldOptions. It can contain the following properties.

Option Default Type Description
currentDate Today Date Default is displayed the date on Date picker
selectableRange new DateRange(null, null) DateRange Selectable date span
filterMode false Boolean The range picker is activated with this option
selectedRange new DateRange(null, null) DateRange If filterMode activated, then you can select a default range on range picker.
locale "en-US" String It supports german and english for now
labels null Array If you want to translate the labels you can use this option. Usage: [{key:KEY, label:"LABEL"}].
required false Boolean If the date is required
readOnly false Boolean If the date picker is readOnly

Example of the options data (not all properties listed):

var labels:Array<any> = [{key:DateUtils.ERROR_DATE_IS_NOT_SELECTABLE_RANGE, label:"Das Mindestalter für einen Vertragsabschluss ist 18 Jahre."}];

public options:DateFieldOptions = new DateFieldOptions().setOptions(false, new Date(2000, 1, 1), new DateRange(null, new Date(1999, 11, 31)), null, "de-DE", labels, false, false);



called when the date is selected, removed or input field typing is valid or on range picker a date range is selected.


1. Default date picker

in Template:

<nli-datefield classes="width-120"[configs]="options"

in your component:

public options:DateFieldOptions = new DateFieldOptions().setOptions(false, new Date(), new DateRange(null, null), null, "de-DE", null, true, false);
2. Date picker with selectable range
in Template:

    <nli-datefield [configs]="options"

in your component:

    public options:DateFieldOptions = new DateFieldOptions().setOptions(false, new Date(2017, 5, 5), new DateRange(new Date(2018, 8, 6), new Date(2018, 8, 16)), null, "de-DE", null, true, true);
3. Range picker
        in Template:

            <nli-datefield classes="width-250"  
                                label="Select a range"

        in your component:

            public options:DateFieldOptions = new DateFieldOptions().setOptions(true, new Date(), null, null, "en-US", null, false, false);

Compatibility (tested with)

    Firefox (latest)
    Chrome (latest)
    Opera (latest)

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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