New Relic Infrastructure backend for StatsD


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StatsD backend for sending metrics to New Relic Infrastructure


  • StatsD versions >= 0.3.0.
  • New Relic Infrastructure Agent >= v1.0.818


    $ cd /path/to/statsd
    $ npm install @newrelic/statsd-infra-backend


  1. Add @newrelic/statsd-infra-backend backend to the list of StatsD backends in the StatsD configuration file.
    backends: ["@newrelic/statsd-infra-backend"],
  1. Configure the necessary configuration values for running this backend:
    newrelic: {
      port: 8001,
      rules: [
          matchExpression: "myapp.*redis.*",
          metricSchema: "{app}.{environment}.{service}.{serviceName}.{metricName}",
          eventType: "RedisStatsdSample",
          labels: {
            role: "cache",
            environment: "{environment}"

See our example config file for a complete StatsD configuration.

  1. Start/restart the StatsD daemon and your metrics should now be pushed to your New Relic Infrastructure account.


  • Fork and clone this project
  • Download project dependencies using npm
  • Modify the code
  • Ensure everything is running properly executing tests: npm test
  • Push the code to your fork
  • Send a Pull Request


  • Update the CHANGELOG.md file with all the info about the new release.
  • Run npm run release. Check this too see all the different options for this command.
  • Run git push --follow-tags origin master && npm publish to publish the package
  • Create the github release pointing to the tag created by npm run release


New Relic Infrastructure Backend for StatsD is free-to-use, proprietary software. Please see the full license (found in LICENSE in this distribution) for details on its license and the licenses of its dependencies.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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