A collection of general purpose utility objects for the NeutriumJS library.


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NeutriumJS.utilities is a collection of general purpose utility objects for use throughout the NeutriumJS library.

Getting Started


The utilities module can be installed using npm as follows:

npm install --save "@neutriumjs/utilities"


You can include the module using an import statement in typescript:

import {NestedMap} from "@neutriumjs/utilities"

var map = new NestedMap();

This module is built with the declaration files so type hinting should work once the module has been imported.


var utilities = require("@neutriumjs/utilities");

var map = new utilities.NestedMap();


Since version 2.0.0 NeutriumJS.utilitites has been converted to a commonjs (node) package. To use it in a browser environment you will need to use a tool like browserify to convert it to a web bunble and expose the Quantity object.


NeutriumJS is free software, but you can support the developers by donating here.

Release Notes

Version Notes
1.0.0 Initial Release
2.0.0 Rename package, switch to Typescript and convert to npm module


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

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