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netzstrategen Gulp tasks collection

Commonly used Gulp tasks shared across projects.

Supported tasks

  • Clean /dist folder
  • Sass compilation
  • JS compilation
  • Image compression
  • SVG icon sprite generation
  • Inline SVG files
  • Fractal server and build


  1. npm i @netzstrategen/gulp-task-collection
  2. require in project Gulpfile (see sample.gulpfile.js)
  3. Customise asset paths in project package.json (see package.json)

Available commands

  • gulp: Default task runs (in order) fractal:start, fonts, icons, images, styles, scripts and then watches for changes

  • gulp build: Build assets (fonts, icons, images, styles, scripts)

  • gulp build:production: Build production-ready assets

  • gulp clean: Clean /dist folder

  • gulp styles and gulp styles:production: Sass compilation

  • gulp scripts and gulp scripts:production: JS compilation

  • gulp fonts: Copy fonts to /dist folder

  • gulp icons: Generate SVG icon sprite from folder of individual SVG icons

  • gulp images: Image compression and inline SVG

  • gulp fractal:start: Start Fractal server (if config path exists in package.json)

  • gulp fractal:build: Build static version of Fractal project

styles / scripts task options

Option Effect
--minify Additionally generate minified files, suffixed with .min. Defaults to true in production builds.
--sourcemaps Add source mappings to compiled files. Defaults to true in non-production builds.
--fail-after-error See section Continuous Integration below for details.
--concat Concatenate CSS/JS asset files into a single aggregate file.

You can pass an options object inside gulpPaths.scripts/gulpPaths.styles in your package.json to set options for each respective task.

Continuous Integration

To not break the watch process, all tasks are continued by default, even if one of the tasks produces an error, so gulp will always exit with code 0.

Continuous Integrations and build scripts can use the flag --fail-after-error to make gulp exit after an error with an exit code > 0. By default, --fail-after-error is false for both dev and production builds.

Upgrading to v3

Version 3.0 introduces some changes to the behavior in v2:

  • concat is now false by default for css and js. v2 was concatenating js, but not css. To keep this behavior, set gulpPaths.scripts.options.concat: true inside your project's package.json.
  • the --production flag is gone. To run a build for production environments, please use the corresponding styles:production and scripts:production tasks.
  • the --outputStyle flag is gone. It has been replaced by --minify.
  • the option --sourcemaps is enabled by default for development / non-production builds.


If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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