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Neoprospecta DatetimePicker

A plugin to pick date and time.


npm install @neoprospecta/angular-datetimepicker

##Usage Load the DatetimePickerModule in your odule

import { DatetimePickerModule } from '@neoprospecta/angular-datetimepicker';

Use it in your tamplate

    placeholder="Data coleta"

##Options |Attribute |Type |Default |function | |--- |--- |--- |--- | |name |string |undefined |The input name| |placeholder |string |undefined |The input placeholder| |date-only |boolean |false |Select only date| |time-only |boolean |false |Select only time| |close-on-select |boolean |false |Close the dialog when a date is selected| |date-format |string |yyyy-MM-dd |The date format that sould be displayed in the picker| |first-day-of-week |number |sunday |The first day of the week| |default-value |string |undefined |The default value to be used in the picker| |minute-step |number |1 |The step size of the minute selection slider| |min-date |Date |undefined |The minimum accepted date| |max-date |Date |undefined |The maximum accepted date| |min-hour |number |undefined |The minimum accepted hour| |max-hour |number |undefined |The maximum accepted hour| |disabled-dates |Array |undefined |A list of dated that cannot be selected|


The change method is called when the input value changes. With it you can do some custom work when a date is selected.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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