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const { fields, Scheme, isSchemeIdValid, isCustomField } = require("@namics/remlog-scheme");


Class interface
type SchemeValidationType {
    key: string,
    error: Error | null

interface IScheme {
    get(): Object;
    validate(): Array<SchemeValidationType>;
    clean(): void;
    serialize(): string;
    toString(): string;
Internal use
const { Scheme } = require("@namics/remlog-scheme");

const examplePayload = {
    shortMessage: "Some message",
    fullMessage: "An extended message for the log",
    level: 5,
    file: "example.js",
    line: 172,
    timestamp: "2018-01-18T15:16:15.244Z"

const validCustomPayload = Object.assign({}, examplePayload, {
    $custom: "some data ..." // custom fields are prefixed by dollar

const invalidPayload = Object.assign({}, examplePayload, {
    id: "8an204asdf1" // it is not allowed to set the ID manually

const validScheme = new Scheme(examplePayload);
validScheme.validate(); // returns []

const validCustomScheme = new Scheme(validCustomPayload);
validCustomScheme.validate(); // returns []

const invalidScheme = new Scheme(invalidPayload);
invalidScheme.validate(); // returns [{key: 'id', error: Error('The key id is a computed field and cannot be set manually.')}]

validScheme.get(); // will return the full scheme including timestamp, id etc.

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