A helper to deploy all nitro components to frontify


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Nitro Frontify Deployer

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This build tool generates all necessary artifacts to deploy the entire nitro project into frontify


npm i --save-dev @namics/nitro-frontify-deployer


const NitroFrontifyDeployer = new require('@namics/nitro-frontify-deployer');
const deployer = new NitroFrontifyDeployer({
    rootDirectory: '/path/to/your/components',
    // This mapping is used to resolve the component type from the folder name
    // e.g. component/atoms/button.js -> type: atom
    mapping: {
        'atoms': 'atom',
        'molecules': 'molecules',
        'helpers': 'atom'
    // The example template compiler
    compiler: (template) => require('handlebars').compile(template),
    // Destination directory
    targetDir: '/path/to/your/dist/',
    // Frontify Options
    frontifyOptions: {
        access_token: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
        project: 12345,
        baseUrl: 'https://app.frontify.com/',
// Validate, Build, Sync:


You can also pass the frontify access_token by setting a FRONTIFY_ACCESS_TOKEN process variable instead of writting it into your code.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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