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Nitro Component Catalog Plugin

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This plugin allows you to navigate and preview all your components.

Example preview

Component view


npm i --save-dev nitro-component-catalog

Integration into nitro

Place the following configuration file to your projects/routes/pattern-catalog.js


var nitroPatternNavigation = require('@namics/nitro-component-catalog');
var path = require('path');
// Frontify demos
module.exports = function(app) {

  app.use('/', nitroComponentCatalog({
    // The location of your component source files
    root: path.resolve(__dirname, '../../components'),

    // The component preview view - 'preview' resolves to  views/component.hbs
    componentView: 'component',

    // The example view - 'example' resolves to views/example.hbs
    exampleView: 'example',

    // The example code view - 'code' resolves to views/code.hbs
    exampleCodeView: 'code',

    // The example partial - '_partials/example' resolves to views/_partials/example.hbs
    examplePartial: '_partials/example',

    // The navigation view - 'navigation' resolves to views/navigation.hbs
    navigationView: 'navigation',

    // Optional - additional view data
    viewData: app.locals,    

    // Optional - page title prefix
    pageTitle: 'Pattern library',

    // Optional if you are using webpack you might pass the compiler instance
    // This will NOT handle your webpack compilation but only visualise the dependencies
    webpackApp: webpack(webpackConfig),

    // Optional - if your project needs specific resolver settings you can pass
    // a custom resolver instance
    nitroComponentResolver: new NitroComponentResolver(/* ... */),

    // Optional - if your project needs additional validations on the pattern.json
    // you can pass a custom validator instance
    nitroComponentValidator: new NitroComponentValidator(/* ... */),


If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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