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Mycure Vue Doctors module

Installation and Usage

$ yarn add @mycure/doctors
  • use as a vue plugin
import Vue from 'vue';
import McDoctors from '@mycure/doctors';

Vue.use(McDoctors, opts: ServiceOpts)
  • above will do the ff:
    • describe side effects here
    • sample side effects:
      • attach a global method/attribute
      • attach an instance method/attribute
      • add components
      • sync a single and multi vuex store modules
  interface StoreOpts {
    moduleName: string = 'doctors',
    multi: boolean = true    // ataches a multi item vuex store module
    single: boolean = true   // ataches a single item vuex store module

  interface ServiceOpts {
    // will be used to auto-generate query functions
    firebaseApp?: firebase.App
    URL_DOCTOR_DIRECTORY: string = '/v3/doctors-directory'
    URL_DOCTOR_WEBSITES: string = '/v3/doctor-websites'
    // for registering built-in store modules
    store: VuexStore
    storeOpts?: StoreOpts
    // and other valid SingleItemSyncService and MultiItemSyncService configs, see @topsi/services docus



vuexModuleName = 'doctors-single'
interface RegisteredVuexModule extends RegisteredSingleItemStoreModule { // see @topsi/services docus for its RegisteredSingleItemStoreModule


vuexModuleName = 'doctors-multi'
interface RegeisteredVuexModuleActions {
  // plus this
  loadWithURL: (url: string) => void

interface RegisteredVuexModule extends RegisteredMultiItemStoreModule { // see @topsi/services docus for its RegisteredMultiItemStoreModule
  actions: RegeisteredVuexModuleActions

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