A wrapper for axios calls. It helps you set up your API structure


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This is a wrapper for the axios, with some helpers to make your REST API easier to manage.

This is still work in progress, but the basic works.


Install the package

npm i @mr_chick/vue_axios

with the package installed, you have to import it in your vue project

import VueAxios from '@mr_chick/vue_axios'

you can set some options directly on initialization

you can set:

  • base - the default base for the api calls. If you have an endpoint user/details it will append the default base before making the request, resulting in api_url_base/user/details

  • endpoints - a json with your endpoints. There will be more details about this below.

  • default_headers - an object with headers that will be added to all request calls. Can be overriden from the endpoint.

    Vue.use(VueAxios, {
    'base': api_url_base,
    'endpoints': endpoints,
    'default_headers': {
      'Content-Type': 'application/json',
      'Accept': 'application/json',
      'Your-Custom-Header': 'custom'


You can define your endpoins in a json file, so you can call them by the name

let endpoints = {
  'auth.token': {
    'url': '/oauth/token',
    'method': 'post'
  'auth.login': {
    'url': '/user/auth',
    'method': 'get'
  'user.details': {
    'url': '/user/{user_id}',
    'method': 'get'


export default endpoints


You can make a request by calling this.$api.request

  'endpoint': {
    'name': 'user.details',
    'params': 'user_id': 234 // will replace user_id in endpoint url
  'payload': {}, // data to be sent in body request
  'headers': {}, // will overwritten the default headers
  'params': {}, // get params, that will be added to link (ex) {foo: bar} will result in /user/234/?foo=bar

Axios instance

If you need the axios object, you can access it via this.$api.getAxios()

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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