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Shareable React Components
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  • @material-ui/core v4+
  • React, React DOM

Getting started

# If using Yarn:
yarn add @mozilla-frontend-infra/components

# If using npm:
npm install --save @mozilla-frontend-infra/components


import ErrorPanel from '@mozilla-frontend-infra/components/ErrorPanel';

// using require
const ErrorPanel = require('@mozilla-frontend-infra/components/ErrorPanel').default;

Development and Contributing

To get started:

  • Fork and clone this repo.
  • Install the dependencies with yarn.
  • Start the development server with yarn start. This will launch a styleguide instance. Open a browser to http://localhost:6060 to preview the React components.
  • Use CTRL-C to exit the styleguide.
  • Use yarn build to generate the compiled component for publishing to npm.

Committing and Pushing changes

This project uses semantic-release to do automatic releases and generate a changelog based on the commit history. Please follow the ESLint convention for commit messages so that we could properly determine the next semantic version number to publish and generate a changelog.

Feel free to open an issue, submit a pull request, or contribute however you would like. Understand that this documentation is still a work in progress, so file an issue or submit a PR to ask questions or make improvements. Thanks!



Thank you to BrowserStack for providing the infrastructure that allows us to test in real browsers.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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