Streamlined DOM Events for most.js


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most dom-event

Streamlined DOM events for @most/core. Now you can write:

import { click } from '@most/dom-event';
import { tap, runEffects } from "@most/core";
import { newDefaultScheduler } from "@most/scheduler";

const clickStream = click(el);

runEffects(tap(console.log, clickStream), newDefaultScheduler());


npm install --save @most/dom-event



<eventName> :: (EventTarget t, Event e) => t → boolean=false → Stream e

See the source for all the supported event names. Each has the general signature:

const stream = eventName(domNode, useCapture = false);


domEvent :: (EventTarget t, Event e) => String → t → boolean=false → Stream e

If there's an event type that isn't supported, you can use the general domEvent API:

const stream = domEvent(eventName, domNode, useCapture = false);

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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