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more-markdown / code-controls

A plugin that can add HTML code for code envirnoments (e.g. Debug buttons).


npm install @more-markdown/code-controls


Currently this plugin supports two controls. A play button and a debug button. The class of the button specifies which method is run. This package returns a function that takes the fenced code language tag. Two functions run and debug and a function that generates the HTML. The element is found via the data-element-id attribute. This plugin searches for the play and debug button in this element only.

var moreMarkdown = require('more-markdown');
var codeControls = require('@more-markdown/code-controls');
var _ = require('lodash');

// create a processor that writes the final html
// to the element with the id 'output'
var proc = moreMarkdown.create('output', processors: [
  codeControls("js", {
      run: eval,
      debug: eval
    }, _.template("<div data-element-id=\"<%= id %>\">"+
        "<button class='play'>Run</button>" +
        "<button class='debug'>Debug</button>" +
      "<%= html %>"))

'console.log("print this")'

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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