A raml2html template for rendering RAML to a Slate like layout


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Render the RAML API spec in the slate documentation layout using raml2html

This package provides a theme for raml2html. It is meant to render nice looking documentation for your REST API, based on a RAML file. The theme is is inspired by slate.

The theme is usable, but the templates might still change based upon feedback. Most RAML features are supported.



$ npm install -g raml2html-slate-theme


In javascript:

const raml2html = require('raml2html');
const options = {
  'logo': '/path/to/my/logo.png',
  'color-theme': 'path/to/my/color-theme.styl',
  'language-tabs': ['json', 'xml']
const slateConfig = raml2html.getConfigForTheme('raml2html-slate-theme', options);

// source can be a filename, url or parsed RAML object
const source = 'path/to/raml/file'
raml2html.render(source, slateConfig)
  .then((html) => console.log(html))
  .catch((error) => console.error(error))

On the command line:

raml2html \
--theme 'raml2html-slate-theme' \
-o 'path/to/output/file.html' \
-i 'path/to/raml/file.raml'


  • --logo The path to a custom logo
  • --color-theme The path to a custom color-theme stylus file
  • --generate-color-theme Writes the default color them to stdout and exits. Ideal as a starting point for your own color scheme
  • --language-tabs Set an array of serialisation formats to be used for examples. anyOf: ['json', 'xml', 'sse']


How do I get content in the right column?

The theme will render all top level documentation entries as Markdown in seperate sections. In this markdown you can use exactly one <hr/> (or the markdown equivalent thereof). Everything above the <hr/> will be rendered in the middle column as usual. Everything below, will be pushed into the right column. This is useful to create documented code examples.

This example:

Here is some content that will render in the middle column
1. Item 1
2. Item 2
Here is some content that will render in the right column
* foo
* bar

Results in this output:


You should not use an <hr/> in a method description. It will currently mess up the layout. I am looking into an elegant way to allow text in the right column there as well.


  • Cover all RAML features
  • Allow text in right column for API method descriptions


MIT © Wouter Dullaert

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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