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A client library used to connect to the forensic-logging-sidecar


You must have setup connection to the @mojaloop npm repo on JFrog in order to install. npm install @mojaloop/forensic-logging-client


To use the forensic logging client, you only need to require it in the file where you want to use the sidecar.

'use strict'

const Client = require('@mojaloop/forensic-logging-client')

function connectAndWrite(message) {
  const sidecar = Client.create({
      host: localhost,
      port: 5678,
      connectTimeout: 30000,
      reconnectInterval: 5000

  sidecar.connect().then(() => {
  }).catch(err =>{




Creates a new sidecar client.

  • settings {Object}
    • host {String} The hostname or IP address of the Sidecar Client server. Defaults to 'localhost'.
    • port {Number} The port for the Sidecar. Defaults to 5678.
    • connectTimeout {Number} The time, in milliseconds, to timeout a connection attempt to the Sidecar. Defaults to 30000.
    • reconnectInterval {Number} The time, in milliseconds, between connection attempts to the Sidecar. Defaults to 5000.


Connects to the sidecar, returns a promise. The promise will be rejected with an error if it can't connect to the sidecar.


Writes a message to the sidecar, returns nothing.

  • message {String} The message to send to the Sidecar.

This method will throw an error if the sidecar has yet to be connected to.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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