Global Header and Footer used for inclusion within the hudsonpacificproperties.com site.


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This project generates the global header and footer code for the site. It also includes all of the global styles and variables needed for the styling of the site.


This package is managed within the Mod Op organization namespace within NPM. When installing it's helpful to specify the exact version so that changes are immediately reflected upon install.

npm install @modop/hpp-corp-global -S

Local Development

When modifications are needed to the global header and footer you will want to develop locally. To accomplish this you'll need to do the following steps.

HPP Corp Global Project

npm install
npm link    # this adds the project to the local repository so that it can be shared amongst other projects
npm start

Projects that are using the HPP Corp Global (HPP Corp, HPP Corp Static)

# This command should be run within the project that you're working on
npm link @modop/hpp-corp-global


There are three primary exports of the project. In order to use the project you must add the link command. This should not be done in this project, but the project that you're using this in. For example, within the Hudson Corporate site repository you will need to run the following. This will need to be run after every install command.

import Global from 'hpp-corp-global';

// includes the header tag wrappers as well as the logo overlay
const Header = Global.header;
// includes the footer content
const Footer = Global.footer;
// includes only the navigation menu. Useful when using for mobile / sub-templates
const Menu = Global.menu;

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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