Mobiscroll command line configuration tool


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Mobiscroll CLI


npm install -g @mobiscroll/cli


For detailed usage information please run the `mobiscroll --help` command or visit the [CLI docs page](https://docs.mobiscroll.com/cli).

Dev usage

  • run npm install in the root folder for installing dependencies
  • For trying out the cli locally run the npm install -g command in the root folder. This command will install the package globally on your system. (You might need to uninstall the previous version if there are intallation conflicts between npm and local variants. Use: npm uninstall -g @mobiscroll/cli)


  • write new changelog in the changelog.txt also move this to the website as well
  • make sure to change the version number in the package.json file
  • log in with the mobiscroll npm user
  • run npm publish for publishing the new version

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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