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A common theme shared across Mobify's platform documentation. This theme should be used for all new documentation going forward. It currently is used for the following projects:


The theme is distributed via the @mobify/documentation-theme npm package. Add as an npm dependency to your project, npm i and then make use of shared templates, mixins, and scripts in your project. Check out one of the other projects to see how it should be used.


The theme itself is not "runnable". The only way to do development on the theme and be able to quickly test your change, you can do the following:

  1. If you are making any styling changes:
# 1. Make any styling change
# 2. Compile the style files, in the documentation-theme:

npm run sass

# 3. Go to documentation-hub folder:

cd ../documentation-hub

# 4. Re-run the app:

npm start

# 5. Refresh the browser to view the change
  1. If you are making any other changes eg. pub files, images, SVG, JavaScript, etc.
# 1. Go to documentation-hub folder:

cd ../documentation-hub

# 2. Re-run the app:

npm start

# 3. Refresh the browser to view the change

Google Search/SEO

We use a Google Custom Search Engine to power our docs search. For admin access login as support@mobify.me to https://cse.google.com/cse/ and select either "Docs Theme Prod" or "Docs Theme Dev" (for local/staging). Credentials are in LastPass's Shared-Product folder.

docs.mobify.com has been added to Google Search Console. For any investigation around SEO and to do a Fetch As Google you'll want to start here. Login with the same support@mobify.me account.

Meta Tags

We support the following metadata in your _data.json. These improve our SEO and make our links look nice when they are posted on Slack or social media. Please use them!

  • title - Short and descriptive, bonus points for terminology that somebody would search for.
  • intro - One to two sentences about this page. This is used as the description meta tag and may be used in google search results or when a page is shared in slack/social media.
  • crawlPriority - The priority of this doc relative to other docs on our site when it comes to web crawlers. 0.5 is the default. Details can be found in the sitemaps spec.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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