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Misk Components

This package provides shared, styled React components across Misk tab repos. The top of each component/container file contains a usage example.

Getting Started

$ yarn add @misk/components


  • createApp(routes): builder function to create an <App history={history}/> component
  • createIndex(tabSlug, App, Ducks): builder function to create bootstrapping objects necessary for index.tsx


  • ErrorCalloutComponent: Processes a Redux / Axios error and dumps raw JSON for debugging
  • OfflineComponent: NonIdealState component for Offline or Loading tab state
  • PathDebugComponent: outputs values passed in by props for hash, pathname, and search in React-Router instance
  • SidebarComponent: dashboard styled sidebar


  • DesktopWideOnlyContainer: Only shows container when window width >1200px
  • FlexContainer: Container using CSS FlexBox to have enclosed items flow responsively to screen width
  • MobileNeverContainer: Never show container when window width <768px
  • MobileOnlyContainer: Only show container when window width <768px
  • ResponsiveContainer: Responsive container that all tabs and Nav Navbar use to ensure consistent view width


  • routerDucks: router management Redux-Sagas parts (actions, dispatcher, handlers, sagas, reducers, state interface)
  • simpleNetworkDucks: a standardized set of Axios based request Redux-Sagas parts (actions, dispatcher, handlers, sagas, reducers, state interface)


  • Navbar: Related components to a dashboard styled Navbar


  • environment: various utilities helpful in environment (color, default visibilities...)
  • network: wrapped functions around Axios requests to allow simplified syntax that with async await returns an object of { data, error }.


Changelog (and Breaking Changes)

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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