Estimates where data should lie by interpolating through a list of points


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Interpolate takes a list of points and finds the best guess of where data would lie given the mean of the Y value using a 'best guess' method.

Interpolate works by taking your points, parsing them from the right, and finding the first place where the average Y fits between two points. It is really only useful for very specific circumstances although Pull Requests are welcome if you would like to see this functionality extended.


npm install @mishguru/interpolate


The best way to figure out how to use this library is to look at src/index.spec.js file.

import interpolate from '@mishguru/interpolate'

const points = [{ x: 1, y: 2 }, { x: 3, y: 4 }]
const result = interpolate(points)
result.x === 2 //true
result.y === 3

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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