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Form Builder Specifications

JSON Schemas defining Form Builder core components


In your components module

npm install @ministryofjustice/fb-specifications --save-dev

To lint schemas and schema test data and validate the schemas








Specification examples

Examples for the schemas are JSON files located in a data directory at the same level as the schema file.

Valid examples should be in




Validating schemas

NB. All of the following commands should be run from the fb-specification root directory:

Validate all the schemas

Check that test data in each specification’s directory validates against the corresponding schema.

npm run test:schemas

Validating a single schema

This command will use the data in the specified schema’s examples directory

node validate.js -s {schemaName}

Validating other files

Validate a single file or directory

node validate.js {path}

Testing for invalidity

Pass the -i flag (or --invalid)

node validate.js {path} -i

Other options for the command line validator

By default, all errors encountered are displayed. To show only the first error encountered, use the --n-a flag (or --no-allErrors)

node validate.js {path} --help

Validating/linting data

npm run lint

this runs

  • lint:schemas
  • lint:data

which checks that the files are valid JSON

To format the JSON files

  • format:schemas
  • format:data

Generating documentation

General documentation is located in the documentation directory.

Schemas that have a corresponding .schema.md file will have that content included in the schema’a documentation.

Data test files that have a corresponding .md file will be included in a spec's documentation as examples

  1. Check out fb-documentation
  2. node expandAll.js
  3. cd fb-documentation
  4. npm run build
  5. Commit and push resulting changes

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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