Wallaby setup for our standard Meteor project layout


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Wallaby Meteor config


  1. In the root of the project: yarn add --dev @mindhive/wallaby-meteor-config
  2. Create wallaby.js in the root of the project something like the example below
  3. Setup a IDEA Wallaby run configuration using wallaby.js

Example wallaby.js

module.exports = require('@mindhive/wallaby-meteor-config')({
  meteorPort: 3000,
  mongoUrl: 'mongodb://',

Additional options can be seen at the top of index.js.

Required project layout

  • src
    • .specs (make sue !.specs is in your .eslintignore)
    • imports
    • .meteor (if you have multiple Meteor projects using this one source dir,
        symlink one to this to load Meteor packages from)
    • .babelrc

Test files match *.spec.js/jsx and can be under .specs or imports.


If the project root has a .babelrc file then this is used. Otherwise:

This Wallaby setup uses Meteor's standard Babel setup supplemented with your app's .babelrc file (if it exists in src). This replicates Meteor's standard behaviour.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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